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Ref. J02510

Immerse yourself in a poetic and enigmatic scene in the heart of the city with this 500-piece puzzle and its magnificent illustration. A wintry atmosphere for this game of patience and dexterity suitable for children from 8 years old but also for fans of puzzles for adults. It's dark, it's snowing and an icy wind is blowing over the buildings of this great city. Who is that young woman passing alone in front of that huge glass window? It's up to you to imagine the rest as your fingers bring to life this scene with blue tones and delicate red details. Take a quiet break and work on your logic alone or with your family by discovering this beautiful scene bit by bit.  a moment of relaxation, alone or with others, around this educational activity! It is made in Europe. 

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Dimensions 18.89 x 13.38"
Material(s) cardboard