Play different! OK - but how?
Janod’s recipe has 3 key ingredients:

1. Design
French design

Janod offers colorful and original ranges of toys for children aged 12 months to 9 years old.

The creative team

The creative team is made up of 15 people and is based in the Jura region in eastern France. It is constantly reinventing great toy classics in order to create wonderful products that are both fun and contemporary, made from high-quality and durable materials suitable for children.

An unmistakable style

Stamped with a certain French Touch, the priority is to stay on-trend while still having fun!

Let’s introduce you to...
My background

I learned the Toy Design trade as the Creative Manager for a company in the Jura region. Now I’m the Artistic Director for the Janod brand. I designed the Zigolo, Iwood, Kubix2017 and Confetti ranges...and many more besides.

My inspirations

I am very in tune with Scandinavian design, and seek such simplicity in the toys I create. I look to make these classic and iconic toys beautiful lifestyle objects, without ever forgetting the most important thing: children’s fulfilment. The unspoiled nature of the Jura acts as a magnificent backdrop for my toys when we have photo shoots...outdoors.

My favorite Janod toy

My favorite toy is always the next one to be invented! But I am particularly fond of the Zigolo range.

My background

After a degree in Applied Arts, I chose the field of product design in order to express my creativity.

My inspirations

Ideas can be found all around us, not just at trade fairs. Fashion, architecture, and observation of the natural world are all equal sources of inspiration. The trick is to transfer this to the world of children while ensuring everything is fun and appealing.

My favorite Janod toy

The sound camera, because beyond the technical challenge, it proves that a high-quality material like wood can sit happily alongside plastic/silicone.

My background

I trained in Fine Arts then went to design school, developing my creativity and learning to incorporate inherent technical constraints as part of my trade as a designer. At Janod I create puzzles, board games, and creative activities, which are then completed by our freelance illustrators. 

My inspirations

Although it’s important to visit toy and game trade fairs, I don’t think we can find all our inspiration there. I visit lots of art and history museums, and read children’s books and comics. Design shops and exhibitions are also a source of inspiration.

My favorite Janod toy

The “cute animal” pompons, because they are craft toys with a little “wow” effect and aim to make children proud of their creations.

2. Imagination
Give your children time to escape

Appreciate toys as a means of escape, in order to create lasting memories

Let your children dream

Stimulate their imaginations and enable them to make up stories

Make your children happy with the simple joys of play

Janod toys are designed to accelerate happiness!

3. Learning

Because every child is different, Janod creates clever toys that meet their every need in order to help them develop their skills:

  • Build & design
    Build & design

    Creating is also a method of communication and expression that allows our children to convey their emotions: a fundamental need.

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  • Discover & experiment
    Discover & experiment

    Allowing our children to discover and experiment in order to help them become independent.

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  • Imagine, invent & create
    Imagine, invent & create

    “Pretending” with role play toys that awaken their imagination and encourage their personality to develop.

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  • Manipulate & handle
    Manipulate & handle

    Touch, pull, pinch, turn, refine their grip and the precision of their movements and develop their dexterity.

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  • Read, write, count
    Read, write, count

    It’s fun to learn letters and understand how numbers work when you do it through play!

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  • Swap & share
    Swap & share

    Rules of the game and rules for life! Managing their emotions, accepting rules, learning to lose and put things in perspective, putting strategies in place, sharing a moment with their family or friends and disconnecting a little from their screens...

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  • Touch, watch, listen
    Touch, watch, listen

    Helping little ones perceive textures, contrasting colours and order to awaken all their senses and help them discover the world!

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  • Walk, run, move
    Walk, run, move

    Encouraging our children to move independently in order to master their movements and find their balance and rhythm.

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“I play my way!”

Whether it’s putting together two parts of a puzzle, building a tower with a few cubes, screwing, unscrewing, following a path with their fingers or pushing the right key of a xylophone, “playing” requires a lot of effort from your child. Respecting their preferences and leaving them free to experience things, even if the game materials are used in an unusual way, will enable them to succeed in asserting themselves. It is only they who, by repeating the same movements over and over, can improve their skills.

Give them self-confidence through play!