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Ref. J07733

Quick! Catch all the fish! With a bird on your head and a magnet at the tip  of the bird’s beak, precision is a must when it comes to successfully  catching as many fish as possible. But beware, time is running out! Your  turn ends when the hourglass is empty! Furthermore, make sure you catch the  correct fish: those the same colour as your bird, otherwise you will lose  the game! The game comprises a board, 2 cardboard birds, 2 boxes, 12  magnetic wooden fish and an hourglass. Ideal for developing concentration.  Game of skill for children aged 3 and over. We have dreamt up this birthday  range as a burst of laughter and good humour. Funny animals and lovely  colours come together to provide the perfect recipe for a wonderful  birthday party. 

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  • 3-0
    From 36 months

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Dimensions Board: 10.9x10.9 in