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Ref. J06616

This week it's the kids who are doing the inviting, around the magnificent  double-sided Twist wooden kitchen, which opens up to accommodate the  whole family! Spring colours, a modern and trendy style and more possibilities for  play because it opens up along its length... an ideal kitchen for playing with  others or becoming a master in the art of cooking! This kitchen will allow your  child to invent many stories, between the kitchen on one side, the washing  machine on the other, and its magical side when it expands! Very well equipped  with a metal sink, a wooden tap and an induction hob with sound and light.  Simply press the red buttons once for the hobs to light up, then a second time to  hear the sound of water boiling. 

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  • 3-0
    From 36 months

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Dimensions 21.6x18.4x34.1 in