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Ref. J06468

Who has not dreamed of building the most beautiful houses, the biggest  bridges… and immersing themselves in the heart of the biggest construction  sites? It's time to take the reins of this magnificent wooden crane. Easy to  handle, it has 360° rotation, a cabin that goes up and down, and a winch that  moves back and forth. The load can be moved from top to bottom and front to  back using the 2 cranks. An ingenious system also makes it possible to stop the  load from falling if it is too heavy. The crane is mobile (silent wheels) and has a  stabilization system, just like the real ones! Hours of games ahead! Supplied with  12 accessories including 2 tools. Make-believe toy made using wood from sustainably-managed forests. For children aged 3 and over.

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Dimensions 27.6x10.1x28.8 in